what is aprotic solvent

what is aprotic solvent


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9 years ago
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protic solvents are those which have the ability to have hydrogen bonds
For example groups having O-H N-H bonds are protic solvents.
Aprotic means it has no hydrogen bonding possible
since alkali has O-H - its protic
Alkane has no O-H C-H has only C-H C-C bonds.Hence its aprotic.
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sumit kumar
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9 years ago
Solvents are classified into two groups depending on the presence or absence of ionizable hydrogen atom in its molecular formula.
Solvent which on self dissociation provides proton or hydrogen ion is known as protic solvent. For example. H2O  is a protic solvent as it dissociated into hydroxide ion and hydrogen ion i.e. proton.
H2O ↔ H+ +OH-
NH3 is another example of protic solvents.
Those solvents which do not provide hydrogen ion on dissociation are called aprotic solvents

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