What are pseudohalogens?

What are pseudohalogens?

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8 years ago
The pseudohalogens are polyatomic analogues of halogens, whose chemistry, resembling that of the true halogens, allows them to substitute for halogens in several classes of chemical compounds. Pseudohalogens occur in pseudohalogen molecules such as cyanogen;pseudohalide anions, such as cyanide ion; inorganic acids, such as hydrogen cyanide; as ligands in coordination complexes, such as ferricyanide; and as functional groups in organic molecules, such as the nitrile group. Well-known pseudohalogen functional groups include cyanidecyanatethiocyanate, and azide.
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8 years ago
pseudohalogens are thoose compounds which are having -1 as the charge
example (I3)-
in organic chemistry it is very useful
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