Under what condition does aluminum corrode? Explain

Under what condition does aluminum corrode? Explain


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2 years ago
Chances of corrosion of Aluminium is less under normal conditions bcz even if u expose it open surrounding or subject to oxidation it forms protective layer (passive in nature ) over it and protect form corrosion
But if conditions are not normal like u expose it to highly basic or highly acidic (ph1-4 or 10-14) them it will corrode
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Navneet jha
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2 years ago
Aluminum does not easily corrode in normal conditions. 
some instances where aluminum is susceptible to corrosion if left untreated; these include:
  • Extreme acidic/alkaline conditions (pH below 4 and above 9)
  • Constant exposure to humidity
  • Unventilated and enclosed indoor spaces
  • Marine environments
  • Conditions supporting galvanic corrosion

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