tips to memorize points in p-block.............................

tips to memorize points in p-block.............................


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Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
dear shaharad 
there is no such shortcuts to remember p block , still i am suggesting some way to remember it effectivly . 1- frst of all start reeading from ncert , and divide the entire p block to be complete in 5-6 days acc to your learning capacity . 
2- take each group per day , i mean today grp 15 , tmrw grp 16 ( for example ) 
3- and in the next day morning just go through the reaction of the previous day groups . 
4- and while reading underline the variation in trends , remember only variations , reat all are common for each and every block . 
5- for reactions , just remember the reactants , products you need to form on your own , and balance the equation by applying principle . no need to learn whole reaction . 

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