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Grade: 12
sir iwant some typical questions about ip values in D BLock
5 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ashutosh Sharma
askIITians Faculty
181 Points
							Arrange Ru3+, Cu2+, Zn, Ti4+, Cr3+, and Ni2+in order of increasing ionisation potential.

Arrange Pt4+, Hg2+, Fe2+, Zr4+, and Fe3+in order of decreasing ionisation potential.

The correct order of second ionization potential of Pt, zinc, copper and nickel is?

The first ionization potential of four consecutive elements, present in the second period of the periodic table are 8.3, 11.3, 14.5 and 13.6 eV respectively. Which one of the following is the first ionization potential (in eV) of zinc?
4 years ago
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