show the formation of tripeptide Ala-Gla-Phe

show the formation of tripeptide Ala-Gla-Phe


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A tripeptide composed of three different amino acids can be made in 6 different constitutions, and the tetrapeptide shown above (composed of four different amino acids) would have 24 constitutional isomers. When all twenty of the natural amino acids are possible components of a peptide, the possible combinations are enormous. Simple statistical probability indicates that the decapeptides made up from all possible combinations of these amino acids would total 2010!

Natural peptides of varying complexity are abundant. The simple and widely distributed tripeptide glutathione (first entry in the following table), is interesting because the side-chain carboxyl function of the N-terminal glutamic acid is used for the peptide bond. An N-terminal glutamic acid may also close to a lactam ring, as in the case of TRH (second entry). The abbreviation for this transformed unit is pGlu (or pE), where p stands for "pyro" (such ring closures often occur on heating). The larger peptides in the table also demonstrate the importance of amino acid abbreviations, since a full structural formula for a nonapeptide (or larger) would prove to be complex and unwieldy. The formulas using single letter abbreviations are colored red.

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