please give general intro to polymers and its furture scope

please  give general intro to polymers   and its furture scope 


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Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya
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8 years ago
Polymers form a very important class of materials without which the life
seems very difficult. They are all around us in everyday use; in rubber, in plastic, in
resins, and in adhesives and adhesives tapes. The word polymer is derived from greek
words, poly= many and mers= parts or units of high molecular mass each molecule of
which consist of a very large number of single structural units joined together in a
regular manner. In other words polymers are giant molecules of high molecular
weight, called macromolecules, which are build up by linking together of a large
number of small molecules, called monomers. The reaction by which the monomers
combine to form polymer is known as polymerization [1]. The polymerization is a
chemical reaction in which two or more substances combine together with or without
evolution of anything like water, heat or any other solvents to form a molecule of high
molecular weight. The product is called polymer and the starting material is called  monomer.
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya
521 Points
8 years ago
Polymer is a generic name given to a vast number of materials of high
molecular weight. These materials exist in countless form and numbers because of
very large number and type of atoms present in their molecule. Polymer can have
different chemical structure, physical properties, mechanical behavior, thermal
characteristics, etc., and on the basis of these properties polymer can be classified in
different ways, which are summarized in Table 1.1, whereas, important and broad
classification of polymers are described in the next section.
: Classification of Polymers
Basis of Classification Polymer Type
Origin - Natural, Semi synthetic, Synthetic
Thermal Response - Thermoplastic, Thermosetting
Mode of formation - Addition, Condensation
Line structure - Linear, Branched, Cross-linked
Application and Physical
- Rubber, Plastic, Fibers
Tacticity - Isotactic, Syndiotactic, Atactic
Crystallinity -
Non crystalline(amorphous), Semi-crystalline,
Polarity - Polar, Non polar
Chain - Hetro, Homo-chain

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