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Oxidation state of nitrogen in ncl3

Oxidation state of nitrogen in ncl3

Grade:12th pass

7 Answers

K Keerthirajan
38 Points
6 years ago
nitrogen o.s:+3
Chlorine o.s : -1 (each)
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Gman Namg
420 Points
6 years ago
the oxidation state of chlorine is fixed
thus we can take out the value of nitrogen will be +3
Abhinav Yellapragada
41 Points
6 years ago
oxidation no.of cl will be -1 as it is more en than nitrogen
hence +3 on N
K Keerthirajan
38 Points
6 years ago
@ gman namg
you were wrong
Chlorine oxidation state is not fixed it may have -1(Nacl),+5(NaClO3), +7(HClO4) etc.
40 Points
6 years ago
nitrogen and chlorine have almost equal en ( 3.0 ).But nitrogen is smaller in size than chlorine. So chlorine is assigned +1 in NCl3, OSN= -3 and OS cl = +1
11 Points
3 years ago
since en of chlorine and nitrogen is same i.e. 3. so we perform a hydrolysis reaction NCl3+H2O-> NH3+HClOin NH3 oxidation number of nitrogen is -3 and that of chlorine in HClO is +1As oxidation numbers of elements do not change during hydrolysis we come to conclusion that oxidation number of N in NCl3 is -3 and that of chlorine is +1 each atom
103 Points
3 years ago
Rule: sum of OS of all elements in a stable compound is zero.NCL3 : OS(N)+ OS(Cl)×3=0. OS(N) is +3 because if we substitute OS of Cl which is -1 we get the ans. +3....Hope it helps.Regards Rohit.

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