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Order of sulphates (FeSo4,MnSo4,ZnSo4,CoSo4)according to the strength towards magnet?

Order of sulphates (FeSo4,MnSo4,ZnSo4,CoSo4)according to the strength towards magnet?

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

23 Points
4 years ago
Since all these salts are in the +2 state, it would make sense to calculate the unpaired electrons in the +2 state and then the magnetic moment so that you could quantitatively compare them (magnetic moment= √n(n+2) where n= number of unpaired electrons). However, while Fe and Ni are well known ferromagnetic substances, their sulphate salts do not bear any relation with the original salt and will not show the same ferromagnetic properties (according to Wikipedia, FeSO4 is a paramagnetic salt due to the presence of unpaired electrons), just as MnSO4 will not have the same magnetic properties as MnO2 (which is antiferromagnetic).Hope this helps! Sorry if it didn`t.
23 Points
4 years ago
However, there is no way of knowing with uncertainty since ferromagnetism does not depend on a particular electronic configuration but rather how crystalline a structure is and other factors. The method that I mentioned before (finding magnetic moment) is worth exploring though. Are you aware of the answer?

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