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Grade: 12


On what factors does reducing character depends ?And difference between bascity and reducing character?

3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ravleen Kaur
askIITians Faculty
1451 Points
Hello Student,

There is a difference between bascity and reducing character.

In case of basicity, the lone pair of electron are donated to other atom. The basicity decreases with the size of the central atom due to diffusion of electrons over large volume i.e. down the group, as the size of the elements increases the electron density on element decreases.Also, we can say basicity decreases down the group as the electronegativity decreases down the group So here in explaning the basicity the size factor and the electronegativity of the elment is playing important role. On moving down the group,the metallic character increases.Also the tendency to form higher valence state increases.

As we move down the group, size of central metal atom increases and hence M-H bond strength decreases and hence stability decreases .So as stability decreases their tendency to liberate hydrogen increases and hence their reducing character increases.

So dont get confuse in both of them.

2 years ago
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