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Grade: 12th pass
O3 is denser than o2 then why does ozone layer lie above stratosphere
9 months ago

Answers : (2)

Swarnim Anand
13 Points
because O3 is fromed on reaction with O2+[O]---- O3 in presence of UV radiation 
because O2 ----- [O] + [O] in presence of UV
9 months ago
Vikas TU
11768 Points
Dear student 
we know that oxygen is preset in the atmosphere
oxygen= O2
this splits into free oxygen atoms due to the high energy of UV rays
O2---- o + o
as free oxygen atom is very reactive it reacts with the oxygen molecule to form ozone
O2 + O ----- O3
Ozone layer absorbs most of the harmful UV rays coming from the sun and prevents from reaching the sun
as these rays have extremely harmful effects on human beings they cause skin cancers
Hope this helps 
Good Luck 
9 months ago
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