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Mohit Dhaka Grade: 11
        Most favourable conditions for ionic bonding are-a) low charge on ions ,large cations ,small anionsb) low charge on ions, large cations,large anionsc)high charge on ions, small cations,large anionsD)high charge on ions,large cations ,small anions
one year ago

Answers : (2)

aman jain
36 Points
according to me,its C. because the less is the size of cation is directly proportional to polarisation and polarisibility is directly pro. to covalent character. so the size of cation should be small.....
one year ago
Mohit Dhaka
46 Points
										Here we need to find the most favourable conditions for ionic bond not for polarisation or covalent bonding.for ionic bond polarisation should be less and lattice energy should be high. Lattice energy is max when both cation and anion are of equal size and for charge it is max when high charge is present.But high charge also leads to polarisation .this is my doubt which I thought might be cleared here
one year ago
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