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Grade: 12
in bord book it is written that CaCl2 can not be used to dry NH3 in haber’s process since it formsCaCl2.8NH3 but it is byproduct itself 
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Umakant biswal
5352 Points
dear neha 
kindly elaborate your query , 
let me to exaplain the haber’s process . 
its a industrial process to prepare ammonia , when 1 mole of n2 and 3 mole of h2 react at 500 degree celsius temp and 200-900 atm pressure in presence of iron catalyst molybdenium , it gives ammonia 
and reaction 
N2 +3h2 = 2 nh3 ( this is not equal but reversible sign ) 
here delta h = -92 KJ 
hope it clears now 
if not , kindly tell me where u have doubt 
one year ago
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