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Grade: 11
        i2 + i-  i3- this reaction is setup in an aqueous medium. we start with 1mol of i2 and 0.5mol of i- in 1litre flask. after equilibrium is reached, excess of agno3 gave 0.25 mol of yellow precipitate. whats the equilibrium constant?
3 years ago

Answers : (5)

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							4/3. This is because conc. Of i- ion at equilibrium is 0.25mol and that of i2 is 0.75 and of i3- is 0.25
3 years ago
Sahil Saha
12 Points
The answer is 1.33 because at equilibrium, concentration of :-
I- is .25 mol
I2 is .75 mol
I3- is .25 mol
2 years ago
16 Points
							Can you please provide a more solution to this question .. please ...... Please provide the relevant equations and other necessities ...
2 years ago
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Keq=[I 3]/[I 2][I -]
This happens because of the following reaction-
3 +3AgNo------>3AgI + 3No3 when I  reacts with AgNo 3  it gives yellow precipitate of AgI.
2 years ago
Eshan Kharya
19 Points
Hi. Silly doubt. It says 0.25 mol of yellow ppt is formed. The yellow ppt is AgI. However, according to the reaction, 1 mol of I3- gives 3 mol of AgI. So, shouldn't there be 0.25/3 mol of I3to produce 0.25 mol of AgI?
8 months ago
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