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Grade: 11
        i2 + i-  i3- this reaction is setup in an aqueous medium. we start with 1mol of i2 and 0.5mol of i- in 1litre flask. after equilibrium is reached, excess of agno3 gave 0.25 mol of yellow precipitate. whats the equilibrium constant?
2 years ago

Answers : (5)

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							4/3. This is because conc. Of i- ion at equilibrium is 0.25mol and that of i2 is 0.75 and of i3- is 0.25
2 years ago
Sahil Saha
12 Points
The answer is 1.33 because at equilibrium, concentration of :-
I- is .25 mol
I2 is .75 mol
I3- is .25 mol
one year ago
16 Points
							Can you please provide a more solution to this question .. please ...... Please provide the relevant equations and other necessities ...
one year ago
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Keq=[I 3]/[I 2][I -]
This happens because of the following reaction-
3 +3AgNo------>3AgI + 3No3 when I  reacts with AgNo 3  it gives yellow precipitate of AgI.
one year ago
Eshan Kharya
19 Points
Hi. Silly doubt. It says 0.25 mol of yellow ppt is formed. The yellow ppt is AgI. However, according to the reaction, 1 mol of I3- gives 3 mol of AgI. So, shouldn't there be 0.25/3 mol of I3to produce 0.25 mol of AgI?
7 days ago
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