i need any tips to memorize inorganic chemistry

i need any tips to memorize inorganic chemistry


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sumit kumar
askIITians Faculty 13 Points
9 years ago
Hello Student.

You have asked a very important question. But the answer is , There is no need to memorize it. You should try to understand the concepts of inorganic chemistry. It is not possible at all to memorize all the thing of chemistry. There is only one thing which you should memorize in inorganic chemistry and that is tomic mass and atomic numbers of elements. Apart from these there is a concept behind everyting. Go through the topic number of times and everytim you read it try to understand it deeply. one you get an indepth knowledge of concepts of chemistry, thing will become easy for you. In case you face any problem you can get back to us anytime.
Thanks & Regards
Sumit Kumar
askIITians Faculty

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