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Grade: 12
How to find the oxidation state of Cobalt and chromium in  [Co(NH3)6][Cr(CN)6]?
one month ago

Answers : (2)

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as the complex [Cr(CN)6]is an anion Chromium has a tendency to show +3 oxidation state .So the charge on anionic complex is -3 
as the whole compound is neutral , the cationic complex carries a +3 charge 
As there are 2 chlorine molecules in the cationic compound , the oxidation of cobalt must be +5 which is hardly possible
one month ago
Vikas TU
10070 Points
Dear student 
Let oxidation no of Cr = x
3 + x + 8 * ( -2 ) = 0
3 + x - 16 = 0
x = +13
but chromium can have the max of only +5 oxidation state. This contrary is solved by the bonding pattern as shown in structure .The Cr is attached to only 5 oxygen through single bond hence oxidation state is +5
one month ago
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