How to draw resonating structures of an irorganic molecule.

How to draw resonating structures of an irorganic molecule.

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Vikas TU
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5 years ago
some rules need to be followed while drawing the resonating structures.
  1. if there is a multiple pi bond between the alternate atoms.
  2. lone pair – lone pair adjacent.
  3. charge – double/triple bond adjacent.
  4. charge – lone pair.
  5. lone pair and double/triple bond’
  6. octet should be completed after sharing the bond.
  7. All the resonaing structures have the same no. of elctrons.
Umakant biswal
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5 years ago
@ mahak 
let me to frst define resonance for you . 
its the property of compound having the charecteristics of two or more structural forms and they differ only in the distribution of electron , is known as resonance / 
to draw resoinanting structure u need to keep in mind some rule . 
rule 1 – resonance structure must have same no of electrons . 
2- all resonance structure must be valid lewis dot structure . 
3- in resonance structure the hybridisation doesnot change . 
4- the position of atom are same in all structure . 
5- resonance structure need not to be equivalent . 

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