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Grade: 11
how to calculate degree of hardness of water?
please send as early as possible
3 years ago

Answers : (3)

Umakant biswal
5349 Points
@ chakri 
we cannot have any special formula for that , but we can find by the following as example 
we need to calculate the hardness if 9.6 mg of Mgso4 present in 1 kg of water , 
so, here 
given , 1000g of water contains Mgso4 = 9.6 mg 
1000000g of water contain mgso4 = 9.6 * 1000 = 9600 mg = 9.6 g 
u need to remember – 100000g = one million parts of water 
1 mole of mgso4 = 1 mole of caco3 
120 g of mgso4 = 100g of caco3 
9.6 g of mgso4 = (100g * 9.6 g ) / 120 g of caco3 = 8g of caco3 
so, here degree of hardness = 8 ppm 
3 years ago
vishnu budarapu
11 Points
degree of hardness =(GMwt. of CaCO3 /GMwt. of given salt) X (wt of given salt / wt of taken water) X 1000000
2 years ago
saurabh singh
13 Points
							degree of hardness=strength of hardness producing substance×multiplication factor so,multiplication factor=100/2×chemical equivalent of hardness producing substance.
2 years ago
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