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How do we know that the Wave electromagnetic model of Atom is correct?

How do we know that the Wave electromagnetic model of Atom is correct?


1 Answers

Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
6 years ago
proff of wave behabiour of atom
we can show the wave-particle duality for photons and electrons with the famous split slit experiment most of us encounter in HS lab. Here we can show the interference bands of electrons indicating their wave nature. But when we put a detection device in the pathways, those bands disappear indicating their particle nature when detected.

proof of electromagnetic behaviour of electron
Electrons have anelectric chargeof−1.602×10−19coulomb, which is used as a standard unit of charge for subatomic particles
The electron has an intrinsicangular momentumor spin of1⁄2. This property is usually stated by referring to the electron as aspin-1⁄2particle.

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