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Grade: 12


How do toppers study for NEET chemistry?..............................................

one month ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
12286 Points
Dear student 

If you fear Chemistry then the only formula to overcome your fear is by starting to know and love it!

Yes you heard it right. Its your weakness. So give more time to it. There is no place for people in a national level competition who already feel that he/she failed.

Trust me, your will power, your confidence does most of the job. Don't be failure conscious. Success comes to those who are Success Conscious. Bring that burning desire in you, be more dedicated and more determined. Give more time to that particular topic.

Few tips to conquer Organic:

  • Organic is the most important part of the exam and I'm sure you know that and you cannot skip it. Every year 15–20 questions are for sure from organic.
  • Start the journey with NCERT. Yeah NCERT not R.K GUPTA OR M.S CHOUHAN but simply NCERT. Clear your NCERT knowledge. Make short notes. Practice each and every reactions.
  • I hope you are taking coaching so use those coaching module for better understanding, also clear doubts from teachers if you feel uncomfortable with any reactions.
  • Must know GOC. Its the most important topic to underground organic. Its the alphabet of organic chemistry.
  • Know your reagents and their mechanism very well.
  • Must be familiar with chemical bonding properly.
  • Know all the named reactions and practice them and there mechanism. Try S.N SANYAL for mechanism of named reactions. Its the best.
  • Solve the previous year papers and try to understand the patterns. (MTG 29 years of chemistry does the job)
  • Now once you have expertised the topic, you can buy M.S CHOUHAN OBJECTIVE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY.
  • 2/3 months before exam device the short notes you have made and try to practice the mechanism, also if you can practice IIT papers before the exam.
  • Few topics like Polymer, Biomolecules, Chemistry in everyday life are scoring topics and need not need much understanding. You can expect at least 4 to 5 questions from this part which is almost 16 to 20 marks( avg 10 marks). Its highly valuable. Font make mistake in these topic. Memorize it very well.

Let's talk about Inorganic:

  • Trust me you just need to digest the NCERT for inorganic. That's the only way you can deal with inorganic chemistry.
  • Other than that for some extra info just opt for J.D LEE. But be selective. Not every topic is important.
  • Another good book for inorganic is Pearson’s K. Rama Rao. If you don't want to buy J.D LEE buy thus book. Its more than perfect.
  • Again make notes.
  • A small tip to grasp inorganic reactions:Practice two reactions each everyday for the next 3 days. And for the next 3 days revise all the six reactions. And do this for the next 3 months. There are 60 reactions max to max. The reactions will be at your fingertips by the end of 90 days if you revise it well.

Now coming to Physical:

  • Know the formulae & practice 10 questions from any topic everyday from Narendra Avasthi Problems in JEE/DINESH COMPETITIVE QUESTIONS/AAKASH/ALLEN MAT.
  • Solid state and solution is trending topic in NEET and AIIMS. Be clear with it. Expect to get at least 7–8 questions from Chemical bonding and Atomic structure. I hope you understand the valuation of that.

That's it. And practice harder. Don't feel failure if you can't do a sum or understand the concept. Treat yourself as the best.

Ohh Don't forget to practice JEE mains and advanced questions after you finish your syllabus.

Good Luck!

one month ago
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