Give the difference between peroxide and dioxide.

Give the difference between peroxide and dioxide.


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ruchi yadav
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10 years ago
The bonds oxygen forms.

In both chemicals, there are a pair of Oxygens; however peroxides have the pair of Oxygens directly connected to each other by a single bond. Dioxides have the oxygens individually attached to another atom, each by a pair of double bonds. Oxygen/Oxygen bonds are unstable, and peroxides are powerful oxidizing agents.
An example of peroxide is of course hydrogen peroxideH2O2


and for dioxide, carbon dioxideCO2


note the location of the oxygen atom.

Askiitians Faculty

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10 years ago
In terms of ionic compounds an oxide contain the oxide ion (O2-) Which is a single oxygen atom with a 2- charge. A peroxide contains the peroxide ion (O 22-) which is a particle of two oxygen atoms bonded together and has a 2- charge. Unlike most normal oxides, peroxides tend to be oxidizers or at the very least, unstable. A superoxide contains the superoxide ion (O 2-) which consists of two oxygen atoms bonded together and has a 1- charge. This ion is even more strongly oxidizing than the peroxide ion. In covalent compounds oxides are substances that contain oxygen in the 2- oxidation state and not bonded ot other oxygen atoms. Peroxide contain a peroxide group (O 2) in which each oxygen atom is bonded to the other oxygen an to another atom, typically carbon or hydrogen. IN this case oxygen is in the 1- oxidation state.

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