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Give 4 differences between zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown.

Give 4 differences between zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown.


3 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
4 years ago
Zener Breakdown => occurs when the doping concentration is found to be high.
=> The depletion region becomes more wider.
=> Quantumm tunneling process occurs.
=> Reverse breakdown voltage is less than 5V – 6V.
Avalanche Breakdown => Occurs when the reverse bias voltage is high.
=> Depletion region gets widen.
=> Electrons gets knocked off from the valency band after getting the high potential.
=> Impact Ionization process is the basic principle upon it works.
utpal raj
244 Points
4 years ago
hiiii sarasij 
the differences are
zener breakdown : zener current is independent of applied voltage.
2 strong electric field is produced
3.large no of holes and e- are produced 
4.PN junction are heavily doped 
avalanche breakdown : 1.charge carrier acquire energy from applied pot.
2.electric field is weak in nature
3.electric holes pair are generated 
4.PN junction are lightly doped .
  please aproove 
good luck
Sowmya bysani
11 Points
4 years ago
Zener breakdown :due to high doping of p-n junction diode.2)takes place at low reverse bias voltage 3)rupture of covalent bonds tales place in depletion layer because of high electric field acquire sufficient energy from potential. Avalanche breakdown:1) possible at high and low doping 2)takes place at reverse bias voltage 3) disruption of bonds takes place because of thermally generated electrons and holes

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