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Grade: 11


for the first reaction process A+B-->product , the rate is first order with respect to A and second order with respect to B. if 1 mol each of A and B were introduced into a 1L besak, and the initial rate were 1×10^-2 mol/L /sec . calculate the rate when half the reactants have been turned into products

2 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student
A +B = Product
Initial number of moles of A = 1 mol and For B = 1 mol
Initial volume = 1 litre
Injtial rate = 10^-2
Thus the rate equation can be written as-
Rate = k [a]¹ [b]²
Where k is the rate constant
k = 10^-2
Now when half of the reactants have been converted into product.
a = 0.5, b = 0.5
Thua the rate will be
Rate = k [0.5]¹ [0.5]²
= k/8
= 10^-2/8 = 125 * 10^-5
2 years ago
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