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Grade: 12th pass
Flocculation value question of surface chemistry
Addition of 4ml of 0.005M BaCl2 to 16ml of arsenious sulphide causes complete coagulation in 2 hr.flicculagion value of ion is
one month ago

Answers : (2)

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As2S3 sol is negatively charged owing to preferential adsorption of S2– ions. Cation would be effective in causing coagulation. Flocculating value = minimum millimoles of the effective ion per litre of sol = (4 x 0.005)/((4 + 16) x 10-3) = 1.0
one month ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
There is 4ml , 5*10^-3 M Bacl2 
No. Of Millimoles of Bacl2 = 20*10^-3 
=> 2* 10^-2 m mol 
Flocullation value = No, of millimoes of Bacl2 per dm^3 or L of solution 
=> 20*10^-2 /16 *1000 
16 ml of solution precepitated by 2*10^-2 m mol of Bacl2 
1L = 1000L sol is precipitated by 20*10^-2 /16 *1000  m mol
=> 1.25 m mol Bacl2 
Floucullatin value = 1.25 
one month ago
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