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Explain the formation of O 2 ​ molecule using molecular orbital theory.

Explain the formation of O 2 ​ molecule using molecular orbital theory.


2 Answers

Rituraj Tiwari
askIITians Faculty 1792 Points
10 months ago
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ankit singh
askIITians Faculty 614 Points
10 months ago
Molecular orbital diagram for  molecule
Each oxygen atom has 8 electrons. Therefore, there are 16 electrons in oxygen molecule.
Due to the combination of atomic orbitals of the two atoms, ten molecular orbitals are formed.
These are filled in the increasing order of their energy by following the following rules:
The molecular orbitals are arranged in the increasing order of their energies. The molecular orbital with lowest energy is filled first as per the aufbau principle.
Each molecular orbital can accommodate a maximum of two electrons with opposite spins as per the Pauli's exclusion principle.
If there are two or more molecular orbitals of same energy, these are the first singly filled and then pairing starts as per the Hund's rule.
The diagram of oxygen molecule based on molecular orbital theory is given in the attachment.

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