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Grade: 12
Explain the following observations:
 (a) Ferric hydroxide sol. Gets coagulated on addition of sodium chloride solution.
 (b) Cottrell’s smoke precipitator is fitted at the mouth of the chimney used in factories.  
(c) Physical adsorption is multilayered, while chemisorptions is monolayered. 
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

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A} Fe(OH)3 is a positively charged colloid which is coagulated by the addition of NaCl means by the addition of Cl-
B} It removes poisonous gases by the adsorption and hence smoke which is free from poisonous gases comes out.
C}In physical adsorption there are weak vander waal forces of attraction therefore it forms multilayer whereas in chemical adsorption, there are strong force of attraction, hence it forms monolayer .
i hope i have cleared much of your doubts
If still there is any doubt please let me know
3 years ago
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