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7 years ago
Solids are more stable in crystalline form.However, if a  solid is formed rapidly, its atoms or molecules do not have time to align themselves and many become locked in positins other than those in a regular crystal. The resulting solid is said to be amorphous. Amorphous solids, such as glass lack a regular three-dimenstional arrangement of atoms or molecules.
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7 years ago
 Amorphous Solids:-
A solid is said to be amorphous if particles [ions, atoms,
molecules] are arranged randomly in three dimensional
 They have short range order in their structure
 Amorphous solids do not shows sharp melting point
Example:- Rubber, Glass, Pitch, Silica etc.
Amorphous solids are isotropic in nature
 Isotropy: If the value of a physical property is same in all
   directions then it is called isotropy
 Ex: Thermal, electrical conductivity, viscosity, refractive
index etc.,

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