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Grade: 12
        Draw structure and write geometry of pcl3 and pcl5.........
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

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Dear student
pcl5 have a trigonal bipyramidal structure . 
if u can see the electronic configuration then it suggest us to use sp3d hybrid orbitals on phosphorous . each chlorine atom have singly occupied 3p orbitals . the p-cl bond formed by the overlapping of phosphorous sp3d hybrid orbitals with singly occupied chlorine 3p orbitals , each cl hold 3 loan pairs . 
hence in pcl5 the electron pair is 5 , so, the bond pair is also 5 . 
2- in pcl3 , the electron pair is 3 and bond pair is 3 and it has 1 loan pair electron it have sp3 hybridisation . 
so, this suggest the trigonal pyramidal shape . 
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
2 years ago
praveen kumar
144 Points
							Pcl5 is the phosphorous penta chloride which as 3 equatorial bonds and 2 axial bonds of phosphorus and chlorine and it has hybridization of sp3d hybridization and shape is trigonal bipyrammidal. Coming to the pcl3 is the phophorous tri chloride with 3 phosphorus and chlorine bonds and a lone pair   with sp3 hyb4idisation
2 years ago
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