does S 2 Exists? if not what ius reason for this ? as , O 2 exists .

does S2 Exists? if not what ius reason for this ? as , O2 exists .

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Umakant biswal
5349 Points
7 years ago
@ pranav 
S2 is an allotropes of sulpher in the form of disulpher , but disulpher is in gaseous state and have very less energy , as compared to s8 , which is a solid substances and having high energy . 
and s2 exist only in vapour state , 
due to that sulpher exist in s8 state and not in s2 state . 
Biswajit dash
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7 years ago
S2 due to large size of sulphur cannot hold themselves together but in case of s8 they form crown structure which stabilize the molecules and give them high bonding strength

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