COORDINATION COMPOUNDS, How is synergic effect related to bond orfer of the complex?

How is synergic effect related to bond orfer of the complex?


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Acoordination complexis the product of a Lewis acid-base reaction in which neutral molecules or anions (calledligands) bond to a central metal atom (or ion) bycoordinate covalent bonds.

  • Ligands are Lewis bases - they contain at least one pair of electrons to donate to a metal atom/ion. Ligands are also calledcomplexing agents.

  • Metal atoms/ions are Lewis acids - they can accept pairs of electrons from Lewis bases.

  • Within a ligand, the atom that is directly bonded to the metal atom/ion is called thedonor atom.

  • A coordinate covalent bond is a covalent bond in which one atom (i.e., the donor atom) supplies both electrons. This type of bonding is different from a normal covalent bond in which each atom supplies one electron.

  • If the coordination complex carries a net charge, the complex is called acomplex ion.

  • Compounds that contain a coordination complex are calledcoordination compounds.

Coordination compounds and complexes are distinct chemical species - their properties and behavior are different from the metal atom/ion and ligands from which they are composed.

Thecoordination sphereof a coordination compound or complex consists of the central metal atom/ion plus its attached ligands. The coordination sphere is usually enclosed in brackets when written in a formula.

Thecoordination numberis the number of donor atoms bonded to the central metal atom/ion.

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