Consider the reaction: 6NaOH +3Cl 2 -------> 5NaCl + A + 3H 2 O. The oxidation number of chlorine in “A” is:(EAMCET 2001 M) 1) Iron 2) Carbon 3) Mercury 4) Nickel

Consider the reaction: 6NaOH +3Cl2 -------> 5NaCl + A + 3H2O. The oxidation number of chlorine in “A” is:(EAMCET 2001 M) 

1) Iron 

2) Carbon 

3) Mercury 

4) Nickel 


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Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
7 years ago
3Cl2 +6NaOH --> NaClO3 +5NaCl +3H2O
It is a disproportionation reaction. . Disproportionation is the simultaneous oxidation and reduction of the same species.
In terms of oxidation state changes, the chlorine disproportionates from 6 Cl (0, element) to 5 Cl (-1, chloride ion) plus 1 Cl [+5, chlorate (V)ion ] Overall 5 electrons gained,

The 'chlorine' in the chlorate ion disproportionates from 3 Cl(+1) to 2 Cl(-1, chloride ion) plus 1Cl(+5, chlorate(V) ion). Overall 4 electrons gained

thus its oxidation number is +5

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