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Grade: 12th pass
Bond angle order of no2, no2-, no2+,no3- in decreasing order
one year ago

Answers : (2)

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NO2- 3- 2 2+ 

For NO2-, the molecule is bent but we have 1 lone pair on nitrogen. Lone pair electron repulsion is more than the bonding electrons so the bond angle will be less than 120o.
In NO3-, there is no lone pair of electrons, all are bonding pairs leading to an ideal bond angle of 120o.
In NO2the one lone electron exerts a less repulsion than a lone pair of electrons, so two bonding oxygen atoms are able to spread out more leading to bond angle greater than the ideal of 120o.
In NO2+, there is no lone pair, only bond pairs so the molecule is linear leading to a bond angle of 180o.
one year ago
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An easy way to calculate bond order is:
Bond Order=Valancy of peripheral atom + (Charge on whole atom) / No. Of peripheral atoms. 
Example :
For No2-, peripheral atom here is oxygen
Bond order = 2 + (-1)/2 
                    =2 - 0.5 = 1.5
one year ago
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