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A 500ml glass flask is filled a t s t p wi t h a mix t ure of gases X,Y and Z all are dia t omic elemen t al subs t ances, t he ini t ial volume ra t io of t he gases are 5:3:1. When i t was hea t ed a violen t exo t hermic reac t ion t ook place in which all t he reac t an t s were usedup. Af t er t he flasked cooled down a compound A was found on t he walls of flask. A was found t o be a t ernary compound in which t he mass % of one elemen t is 36.0% Wha t are X,Y and Z? Wha t is t he chemical composi t ion of A? Wha t is t he chemical equa t ion for t he reac t ion t ha t occured in t he experimen t .

A 500ml glass flask is filled at stp with a mixture of gases X,Y and Z all are diatomic elemental substances, the initial volume ratio of the gases are 5:3:1. When it was heated a violent exothermic reaction took place in which all the reactants were usedup. After the flasked cooled down a compound A was found on the walls of flask. A was found to be a ternary compound in which the mass % of one element is 36.0%
  1. What are X,Y and Z?
  2. What is the chemical composition of A?
  3. What is the chemical equation for the reaction that occured in the experiment


1 Answers

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one year ago
According to given data. Mole ratio of gas x,y,z are 5 : 3 : 1 →As given in the question that the density of heaviest gas in the mixture is not more then 25 times that of lightest gas.  Hence gas mix should be H2, F2, O2

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