Condensation Processes

Condensation Processes


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Condensation Processes:- the early condensation products depended on the conditions prevailing at the time of condensation of the earth. These appeared in minerals which condensed at relatively high temperature and are non volatile and did not suffer much loss. These include metallic iron diopside, anorthite etc. thus, the elements Fe, O, Mg and Si account of about 90% of the earth and other elements such as S, Ni, Al and Ca account for 6 to 7%. A relatively depleted group consists of moderately volatile elements such as Ag, Zn, Ge, Sn and F etc. on the other hand, group of volatile elements which were highly depleted are Cd, Hg, Pb and halogens.

Zonal distribution of Elements

The earth is divided into three main parts

1. The atmosphere

2. The hydrosphere

3. Lithosphere

1. Atmosphere: - The gaseous mixture surrounding the earth is called atmosphere. The main constituents of atmosphere are nitrogen (78.09%), oxygen (20.95%) and other gases (less than 1%).

2. Hydrosphere: - It covers about 80% of the earth’s surface in the form of sea or ocean. There are a large number of elements present in sea water.

3. Lithosphere: - The solid phase of the earth is called lithosphere. Almost all the elements, metals as well as non metals are present in lithosphere. It consists of different type of rocks.

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