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Thompson’s atomic Model

Thompson’s atomic Model


1 Answers

Sachin Tyagi
31 Points
12 years ago

Thompson’s atomic Model:- after the discovery of electron and proton, the scientists started thinking of arranging these particles in an atom. The first simple model was proposed by J>J> Thomson known as Thomson’s atomic model.

J.J. Thomson proposed that the positive charge is spread over a sphere in which the electrons are embedded to make the atom as a whole neutral. The radius of the sphere is of the order of 10-10nm which is equal to the size of the atom. This model was much like raisins in a pudding and is also known as Thomson’s plum pudding model. This model explains some of the known properties and electrical neutrality of atom. However, it was soon discarded, when it was soon discarded, when Rutherford and his co workers observed unusual scattering of a-particles by the thin metal foils. Since this model could not explain the experimental results, it was therefore, rejected.

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