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Kim Wilzon Grade: 12

Stoichiometric Calculations

8 years ago

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Sachin Tyagi
31 Points

Stoichiometric Calculations: - Solving of stoichiometric problems is very important. It required grasp and applications of mole concept, balancing of chemical equations and care in the conversion of units.

The problem based upon chemical equations may be classified as:-

(i)          Mole to mole relationships: - In these problems, the moles of one of the reactants/ products is to be calculated if that of other reactants/products are given.


(ii)         Mass-mass relationships: - In these problems, the mass of one of the reactants/products is to be calculated if that of the other reactants/products are given.



(iii)        Mass-volume relationship: - In these problems, mass or volume of one of the reactants or products is calculated from the mass or volume of other substances.


(iv)       Volume-volume relationship: - in these problems, the volume of one of the reactants/products is given and that of the other is to be calculated.

The main steps for solving such problems are:-

(i)          Write down the balanced chemical equation.


(ii)         Write down the moles or gram atomic or gram molecular masses of the substances whose quantities are given or have to be calculated. In case, there are two or more toms or molecules of a substance, multiply the mole or gram atomic mass or molecular mass by the number of atoms or molecules.



(iii)        White down the actual quantities of the substances given. For the substances whose weights/volumes have to be calculated, write the sigh interrogation (?)


(iv)       Calculate the result by a unitary method.

8 years ago
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