Advantages of preparing sodium carbonate extract

Advantages of preparing sodium carbonate extract


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Sachin Tyagi
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15 years ago

Advantages of preparing sodium carbonate extract:- 

(i)          The preparation of sodium carbonate extract affords a convenient method for bringing the anions of the mixture into solution which were otherwise insoluble with caution of salt.

(ii)         It removes the basic radical (usually coloured) which interferes in the usual tests of some of the acidic radicals.

(iii)        The residue can be used for the tests of basic radicals of I to VI groups. Such a solution does not involve the problem of removing interfering radicals like oxalate, fluoride, borate and phosphate.

Analysis of Basic Radicals

We test analysis for basic radicals includes the following steps:

(a) To prepare the original solution of the salt or mixture.

(b) To separate the basic radicals into different groups.

(c) To analyse the precipitates obtained in different groups and confirm the basic radicals by their specific tests.

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