Question as stated above

Question as stated above

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Akshay Meena
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10 years ago

Normally / Usually Ionic Species go for a hydrolysis process. But for Covalent Species/Molecules we can rarely saw that trend and the covalent species that go under hydrolysis process basically they are organic compounds like Ester which is go through hydrolysis process and breakdown into Acid and alcohol just the reverse of dehydration process of acid with alcohol to the formation of ester. rather they break into ions just like ionic compounds do they for a product :

RCOOR'' + H0H   --->   RCOOH +R''OH

Also the polymers go through hydrolysis process and convert itself into monomer just like we took our food as organic polymer but for our cell its too large to absorb so hydrolysis takes place an ohne h attached to one monomer and oh attached to another. Then the resulting monomer transported to blood stream and then blood cells use dehydration rxn to form a new polymer.


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