give knowedage about radioative water?

give knowedage about radioative water?

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Rohit Suri
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8 years ago

Radioactive water is basically water used in radioactive plants. It is a kind of radioactive waste. 

You can search for radioactive wastes in the internet. You may find it helpful.

Akshay Meena
askIITians Faculty 34 Points
8 years ago

Radioactive Water is not a chemical term though we use it in our comman language basically we used it for the Water that is Radioactively Contaminated.

Now , Radioactive Contamination is the deposition of / presence of radioactive substance with in liquid or solid or gas . Such contamination is hazardous for the nature because of radioactive decay of cantaminants which emits harmful ionising radiation such as alpaha or beta particles , gamma rays.


So, Radioactive Water is a Contaminated water which contaminated with radiation during the radioactivity ( Decomposition Process ) .



Thanks & Regards

Akshay Meena, 
askIITians Faculty
M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

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