give knowedage about radioative water?

give knowedage about radioative water?

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Rohit Suri
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10 years ago

Radioactive water is basically water used in radioactive plants. It is a kind of radioactive waste. 

You can search for radioactive wastes in the internet. You may find it helpful.

Akshay Meena
askIITians Faculty 34 Points
10 years ago

Radioactive Water is not a chemical term though we use it in our comman language basically we used it for the Water that is Radioactively Contaminated.

Now , Radioactive Contamination is the deposition of / presence of radioactive substance with in liquid or solid or gas . Such contamination is hazardous for the nature because of radioactive decay of cantaminants which emits harmful ionising radiation such as alpaha or beta particles , gamma rays.


So, Radioactive Water is a Contaminated water which contaminated with radiation during the radioactivity ( Decomposition Process ) .



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Akshay Meena, 
askIITians Faculty
M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

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