which have more solubilty lif ,licl

which have more solubilty lif ,licl


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Vikas TU
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10 years ago

All the metals of 1st and 2nd group - solubility is determined by the the atomssize difference and rest of all by Fazan''s rule.hus,lithiumbelongs to 1st gr, it''size diferenceis larger with chlorine thanflurone {Cl has larger size}.

thus has lowsolubitliy.

it is inversely prportional


plz appovee! 

mohit yadav
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10 years ago

lif has higher solubility.

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10 years ago

WHEN LiF and Licl are compared with each other licl is more solluble in water in comparison to lif because lif has more covalent charachter than licl so since licl is more polar than lif so it is more soluble in polar medium but in non polar medium lif will be more soluble.............................................Smile

vishal ojha
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10 years ago

LiF more soluvle

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