how phosphorus have vacant d orbital..?? explain in detail...

how phosphorus have vacant d orbital..?? explain in detail... 


3 Answers

vivek kumar
57 Points
10 years ago

phosphorous configuration is 3s2 3p3 as it has no electron in nearest d orbital 3d so it has vacant 3d orbital

Abhishekh kumar sharma
34 Points
10 years ago

we know 3rd orbit has s p and d orbitals but by configuration we have 15=3s^2 3p^3 so it has vacant d orbital and half filled p orbital

Yash Keshar Jaiswal
34 Points
7 years ago
An element can have a vacant d orbital if its previous orbit has at the most two electrons less in the outermost shell of the p orbital. Actually, if Pz shell is vacant then there are chances for existence of a vacant d orbital. If the elecyronic configuration of Phosphorous is seen, we come to know that all its Px, Py, Pz subshells have at least one electron. They are not empty. Hence, it can have a vacant d orbital.

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