hybridisation of ni in ni(co)4

hybridisation of ni in ni(co)4


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Har Simrat Singh
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10 years ago

in co ord compounds hybridisations of three types exist (mostly) sp3 dsp2 and sp3d2

ni z= 28 3d8 4s2

oxidation state 0 CO is neutral ligand and strong field ligand therefore e- pairing occurs and final e- config after  pairing is 

3d10 4s0 hence 4s and 4p orbitals will be used for bonding and no of ligand is 4 so

hybridisation sp3

Pallav Agarwal
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10 years ago


Snehashis Parashar
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10 years ago

Its sp3. The compound has a tetrahedral structure.

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10 years ago

its Sp3

vishal ojha
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10 years ago correct

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