what is isomerism

what is isomerism


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Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
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10 years ago

isomers have the same chemical formula, but different molecular structure

Akash Kumar Dutta
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10 years ago

same molecular formula but different molecular structure(STRUCTURAL ISOMERS).

many more types of isomers also exist like the positionals and many others.

Aishwarya Sharma
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10 years ago

it is a phenomenon in which compounds have same moleculer formula but different structural formula due to which they posses different physical and chemical properties.......

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9 years ago


sidddhant singh
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9 years ago

I THINK YOU ARE NEW TO ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Isomerism is the property of a compound having same molecular formula but differ in arrangement of atoms{means having different structural formula} or it may have different arrangement in 3d space {known as sterioisomers which is brnch of isomer} IT IS VEY IMP TOPIC FOR IIT STUDY PROPERLY

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