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“ what do you understand by temperature independence paramagnetism? ”

 what do you understand by temperature independence paramagnetism?


Grade:12th Pass

2 Answers

Sushant Karmakar
31 Points
9 years ago

Compounds which are expected to be diamagnetic may exhibit this kind of weak paramagnetism. It arises from a second-order Zeeman effect in which additional splitting, proportional to the square of the field strength, occurs. It is difficult to observe as the compound inevitably also interacts with the magnetic field in the diamagnetic sense. Nevertheless, data are available for the permanganate ion.[13] It is easier to observe in compounds of the heavier elements, such as uranyl compounds.

ruchi yadav
askIITians Faculty 27 Points
7 years ago
Orbital paramagnetism that is independent of temperature. In some substances TIP can make the molecules paramagnetic, although all the electrons in the ground state are paired, if there are low-lying excited states to which electrons can readily move.

Thank You
Askiitians faculty

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