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Grade: 12th Pass

dear sir i alredy ask this question to you but i am not satisfied with that so please give me right answer.

my question is 'what keeps the electron revoving around nucleus without loosing any energy.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

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The mutual pulling between electrons and nucleus has nothing to do with the the leakage of energy that was expected by the classical theory

Suppose you have an extremely perfect dynamo whose efficiency is 100%, it has a zero friction, zero loss energy.
Now connect the terminals of that perfect dynamo to a light bulb, if you give the dynamo an initial rotation energy, don''t you expect the light bulb to stay lit forever?

the dynamo will never lose energy due to friction, so it will keep rotating forever and generating electricity forever and you get unlimited energy from a small rotation energy!!
isn''t that confusing?
it can''t happen according to energy conservation principle.

The solution is that the dynamo will not lose energy as long as it is not connected to the light bulb, once the dynamo terminals are connected to a closed circuit, the dynamo will start to lose its rotation energy, because the current in its coil will produce a magmatic field that will repel the permanent magnet of the dynamo

in the same manner if we have a charged object moving say in vacuum, it must lose its kinetic energy due to the surrounding magnetic field of earth otherwise it can produce energy out of nothing.

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7 years ago
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