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hybridisation structure of nh4.

hybridisation structure of nh4.


1 Answers

ruchi yadav
askIITians Faculty 27 Points
7 years ago
steps to find out hybridisation...

1) first to find out whether compound is covalent or ionic. ( ionic compounds are those belongs to 1and 2 group of perodic table.also compound of NH4 ion and Al ion)

2) draw the lewis structure including covalent , ionc , coordinate bond and singlet.......

3) separate the ionic and covalent part....

4) calculate P = no sigma bond + no of coordinate bond + no of lone pair......

if P = ( 2 then sp hybridisation ) , ( 3 then sp2 hybridisation ) ........ further geometry, shape bond angle is given in ur 11 chemistry book

one eg. for ur demo.......
NH4OH since its a compound of ammonium ion so separate NH4+ and OH-

lewis structure of NH4+ consist of 3 covalent bond and 1 coordinate bond............ lone pair of NH3 is given to H+ to form NH4 ion
so P = 3 + 1 + 0
P = 4 sp3 hybridisation

Thank You
Askiitians faculty

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