how will you find no. of isomers in a coordination compound?

how will you find no. of isomers in a coordination compound?


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Coordination stereoisomers have the same bonds in different orientations, and structural isomers have different bonding orientations.

Image of Cisplatin and Transplatin
Cisplatin and Transplatin

Cis and transisomersfor square planar complexes.


  • Cis and trans isomers occur in octahedral and square planar complexes. In cis molecules, the twoligandsare on the same side of the complex. In trans molecules, the similar ligands are on the opposite sides of the molecules. Tetrahedral molecules do not showstereoisomerism.

  • Fac or mer ligand orientations occurs in octahedral complexes. When three identical ligands occupy one face, the isomer is said to be facial, or fac. If the three ligands and the metalionare in one plane, the isomer is said to be meridional, or mer.

  • Optical isomerism occurs when a molecule is not superposable with its mirror image. The symbol ? (lambda) is used as a prefix to describe the left-handed propeller twist formed by threebidentateligands. The symbol ? (delta) is used as a prefix for the right-handed propeller twist.

  • Structural isomers have the same chemical composition. Ionisation isomers produce different ions in solution. Hydrate isomers have different numbers of solvent and counter ions. Linkage isomers have ambidentate ligands. Coordination isomers have different distributions of cations andanions.

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