please explain me about hydrogen bonding.

please explain me about hydrogen bonding.


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bhanuveer danduboyina
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11 years ago

one of the simplest examples of H-bonding is water, H2O. In water, the oxygen is more electronegative than the hydrogens, so it polarizes the molecule by making the oxygen partially negative and the hydrogens partially positive. if this water molecule sees another water molecule, they can form a weak association where the partially negative oxygen weakly donates one of its lone pair electrons to the adjacent waters partially positive hydrogen. this bond is generally fleeting and is easy to break, unlike ionic or covalent bond which tend to be orders of magnitude stronger.

H-bonding can occur between any partially negative heteroatom (generally O, N, S) and any partially positive Hydrogen (generally one that is sitting on an O, N, or S)

hydrogen bonds occur between the H, attached to a very electronegative atom, with the electrons of a very electronegative atom in a second molecule. the very electronegative atoms in the second molecule can include O, F or N. this gives H a partial + charge.

The hydrogen on one molecule attached to O or N that is attracted to an O or N of a different molecule.

H of H2O, NH3 or HF is attracted to the O of a second H2O molecule, N of another NH3 molecule or the F of a second HF molecule


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