give reason of variations in bond angel in nh3 and nf3 also in ph3 ans pf3

give reason of variations in bond angel in nh3 and nf3 also in ph3 ans pf3

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Aman Bansal
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11 years ago

Dear Akashdeep,

Electron cloud of N-F bonds will pull closer to N as you reasoned... However -- this will reduce the overall repulsion between the N-F bonds! Thus, the repulsion from the lone pair-bond e will (in essence) be greater)and will tend to push N-F bonds closer togehter -- thereby reducing the bond angle for NF3.

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Aman Bansal

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Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear akashdeep verma,

Look dear...

In NH3 the hybridisation is sp3 & there are three bond pairs & no lone pairs & so the bond angle is 109028'

But NF3 has a sp3 hybridisation with three bond pairs & a lone pair and since the lone pair-bond pair replusion is higher than the bond pair-bond pair repulsions,the bond angle gets reduced in NF3 to 10203'  ..

The same appplies to PH3 and PF3 ...Here PH3 has the greater bond angle when compared to PF3 !


Hope you understood now...

All the Best & Good Luck !!

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