Why CCl4 is gas but SiCl4 is not a gas?

Why CCl4 is gas but SiCl4 is not a gas?

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bhanuveer danduboyina
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12 years ago

electron configuration of Si is 3s2 3p2, electron config of C is 2s2 2p2. in electron config Si, there are 3d orbital with no electron in it while in C, there is no d orbital. if Si hybrid with Cl to form SiCl4, one electron in 3s2 will excite to the p orbital so that the electron of Cl can be placed in the orbitals. same as in C. but when we add water, lone pair of water will be placed in the d orbital for Si. but in C cannot coz it dont hv d orbital. so that it cant make bond with H in water. dats why SiCl4 get hydrilozed and CCl4 cant


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